Latex Allergy/ Latex Allergy Survival Kit for Kids

Latex allergy is serious and can be fatal at times. Latex allergy is the allergic latex allergyreaction to the ingredients found in natural rubber latex.  While it is important to limit the exposure to latex for kids with latex allergy, there’s no surety that they won’t ever get an allergic reaction. For a survival kit for kids with latex allergy the following things are necessary:

First off, you need to visit your doctor and understand the severity of the latex allergy that you child has. Your doctor will give you Prednisone which is a pill taken to prevent severe allergic reactions which your child can take in case of emergencies. An epi-pen is also used to keep the body from going into an anaphylactic shock after it has been exposed to latex and have had an allergic reaction. You can also pack the survival kit with adrenaline to delay the symptoms of the allergic reaction until you have reached the hospital or a clinic where you can get your kid treated.

To pack the above mentioned things you can buy a zip-lock bag to store the medicines safely and put it in your kid’s bag so that he can use them in case of emergencies. You can also keep a container with you in the car so that whenever you are going out for a long time you are fully prepared to deal with any unfortunate situations.

Another medicine that comes in handy in case of allergic reactions is anti-histamine. You can either get the chewing pills or the syrup. For your child it’s better to get the syrup because for children syrups are better than pills. Ask a pharmacist what dosages are recommended for the child. Adults may find it easier to carry a dose in pill form.