First Pregnancy – What to Expect

Hey, mommy to be! So it’s your first time being pregnant and you and your significant other are thrilled at this good news. But as it’s your first time being pregnant, you don’t know what to expect. Pregnancy can be both, disconcerting and amazing. Your baby grows every single day and with that your body changes too. It is only natural for first timers to get anxious about their pregnancy. Don’t freak out because we have an overview of what you can expect from pregnancy if it’s your first time. We have also enlisted some tips so that you can rest assured that your pregnancy will be a happy one. Good luck!first pregnancy

·        Morning sickness

If you have spent time watching a fair share of pregnancy movies then you must know about morning sickness. Morning sickness is the most common sickness associated with pregnancy. You can expect to experience morning sickness around the sixth week of pregnancy. The rapidly changing hormonal levels cause a pregnant woman to get morning sickness.

To deal with morning sickness you could keep your stomach full at all times. Keep snacks with you if you are going out so that you have something to nibble on when you get hungry. Cold meals can also help in keeping the nausea down.

·        First-trimester fatigue

First-trimester fatigue is actually more common than morning sickness. It is the feeling of being tired all the time. Since you don’t even look pregnant by this time, it’s hard for friends to understand and you to explain. You will feel fine one minute and the next minute it’ll seem to you as if you have stayed up for a week due to first-trimester fatigue.

Fortunately, first-trimester fatigue doesn’t last long and it stops by the 13th week of pregnancy.

·        Breasts get enlarged

Another symptom associated with pregnancy is the growing of breasts. This happens because the body deposits fat to aid in nursing and some of it is done because of hormonal changes. If you are worried that your breasts will grow through the entire pregnancy then you shouldn’t get tensed because the growing of breasts stop soon.

·        Relaxing joints

During pregnancy a pregnant women will experience her joints starting to get relaxed. This happens because the body releases a hormone called relaxin which is used to soften the bone called the public symphysis. But the hormone isn’t directly targeted towards this bone, which is why the joints of your whole body feel relaxed and unstable. There’s no need to worry about this because it is actually good for you.

·        Weight gain

Weight gain is of course no surprise for pregnant women but since we are on the subject I wanted to explain what weight gain can feel like when pregnant.

A woman who has a normal weight can gain about 25 – 35 pounds during pregnancy. In addition to the baby itself there are other factors that contribute to this weight gain as well. The enlarged breasts and water weight are some of the contributors of this weight gain.