10 Plastic Bag DIY Projects To Recycle And Reuse Them

We all get those plastic bags from a variety of stores, but then rubbish removal time comes. What to do with all those bags that pile up. You could use them as trash bags in your home, or a number of stores have collection points where you can drop them off to be recycled. But what if you have a bit of an urge to be crafty, to reuse them for something else?
Why can’t rubbish removal become arts and crafts time? Well I certainly believe that it can. Here is a list of 10 amazing projects that you can use your old plastic bags for, turning your trash into treasure. You’ll have a cool project and the Earth will thank you too!
1) Make an outdoor pillow!image001

Why spend a lot of money on outdoor pillows? You
could simply take a pillow case fill it with old plastic bags. When it is as full as you want it to be sew the pillow case closed and you have outdoor lounge cushions.

2) Weave a basket!

image002You could take the bags as they are and weave them to form a sturdy plastic basket. It is great to harvest veggies from your garden or to pot a plant in. If you would like instructions check out this tutorial from


3) Keep on weaving!image003

Once you make a few baskets why not switch to making rugs? These can work well on your patio, but think how useful they would be in kitchens and bathrooms as messes would simply wipe right off of them. For detailed instructions check out Homestead Weaving Studio

4) Why not make a bag?

image004It sounds quite meta doesn’t it? Use a plastic bag to make a plastic bag? But hear me out on this one. You can use your flimsy plastic bags and give them new life as a sturdier plastic bag, one that is meant to be used over and over again.

5) Plus placemats too!


And of course if you are making a bag you could easily make yourself a set of funky placemats. Think of the commentary you could make on consumerism…or you could just have an easily cleanable surface for a messy soup eater. The folks over at Glue and Glitter will show you how to do it.

6) Use them as a fruit saver.

image006Don’t you hate to be watching your fruit trees and find you’ve lost a nearly ripe fruit to some bugs. You’ll watch it ripen for days, then just as its time to pick it, it either falls to the ground or the bugs have suddenly discovered it and had a feast? Simply wrap fruit that is just about ripe in a plastic bag and tie it to the tree.


7) Make a flower.

image007 Why not make a flower that will never wilt for that special someone in your life. You’ll want to make sure you have some nicely colored bags on hand for this one, then head over to these instructable instructions.



8) Make Plarn.

image008What is plarn you might ask? Well it is plastic yarn. You can cut your old plastic bags into strips and weave them into a yarn. Once you have woven it into that yarn you can knit or crochet any number of things, from plant holders, to drink coasters or even a pair of sandals.


9) Use them to plug holes. image009

Of course if you are doing some home repair extra plastic bags can be useful for filling gaps around pipes and in other holes before spraying foam to seal out any drafts.



10) Cover your paint tray. image010
If you are doing home repairs you might need to do some painting. Why not use an old plastic bag as a tray liner. When you get done painting cleanup is a breeze, simply slide off the dirty bag and your tray is clean.




There you have it, 10 simple uses for those plastic bags that turn up everywhere. And you can turn rubbish removal into a very crafty venture.

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